Jörgen Pettersson Saxophone

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Jörgen Pettersson
, born in 1964, has developed into
one of Sweden´s most prominent soloists. He studied at the Conservatoire National de Bordeaux in France, were he was awarded first price.

When returning to
Sweden he became the first saxophone student ever
to be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma and an Award for Excellence at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

Pettersson is a much sought-after soloist but he also engages in chamber music. He is a member of Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Ensemble Son and KammarensembleN, which focuse on new music. The growing interest in the special qualities of the saxophone as an instrument, and also in contemporary music, owes a lot to his technical skill and artistic temperament.

Numerous composers have written music dedicated to him. He has twice been awarded the Interpretor Price by Society of Swedish Composers, in 1991 as a soloist and in 1994 with Stockholm Saxophone Quartet.


For more information please contact
Jörgen Pettersson
Stockholm Saxophone Quartet
Tulegatan 53
SE-113 53 Stockholm
Phone +46 70 55 234 22





Jörgen Pettersson Saxophone








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